Broom Bloom & Konservierte Trockenblumen

Why joining BB&K as a pro?

You’re an old agency stager in many ways and now you’re looking for a new, personal challenge the next evolutionary step in your biography? We can offer you an attractive working environment with lots of freedom for growth and individual development.

Superior performance evolves in a team when the specific talents of all individuals merge to form one, collective intelligence. Our concerted drive comes directly from our team’s striving for progressiveness, creativity and quality. Or to put it differently: We love to be inspired and also love to infect others with our ideas. A claim that often demands a lot from us, but motivates us to achieve extraordinary accomplishments over and over again. After all, we understand ourselves as an interdisciplinary syndicate: We want to grow everyone as an individual and all of us together.In this field of energy there are numerous doors open to you bringing in your expertise and developing your professional skills towards new horizons. You’ll be working for top brands — frequently international — and operate independently in ambitious projects. Furthermore, we’ll give you the opportunity for ongoing individual development to deepen your knowledge further. We need staff members who look beyond their own noses and move themselves and all of us another step ahead. And: Your proactive contributions to our corporate development are specifically asked for.We are looking for new, experienced employees for our three sites in Berlin, München und Oberhausen for one of our fields of activity, which are:

  • Project management
  • Concept, text and information architecture for internet/intranet
  • Concept and script for e-learning applications
  • Screen design, Flash design, motion design
  • Concept and information architecture for software applications
  • Software development
  • Business development