Broom Bloom & Konservierte Trockenblumen

Why BB&K?

Integrative: We are very experienced in close, integrative collaboration with different departments (product development, marketing, sales, training, IT), with whom we develop successful communication, organization, training and workflow solutions together. For internal and external target groups.

Synergetic: We understand our work to be one element of an overall strategy and push for synergetic integration of our contribution. We’re happy to operate as a team with other agency partners of our customers. For stringent multichannel marketing or ingenious blended learning.

Sales supportive: Our thinking is always extremely sales-driven and we have well-proven market entry and expansion strategies that can be applied quickly.

Creative: We build on creativity, in terms of both form and content. Because the motivation of the target group defines the attractiveness and innovation in our solution. And that’s the only way our customers‘ business objectives can be achieved: more success. And more profit.