Broom Bloom & Konservierte Trockenblumen

What BB&K can do for you

What do we expect from you? … Skills, motivation, team spirit … frankly: quite a lot. But now listen and learn because what we can offer you isn’t half bad either.

BB&K’s customers

are premium brands such as Porsche, Volkswagen and Hugo Boss, which stand for ambitious projects and direct cooperation with international markets. Web presences, micro sites, integrated online campaigns, newsletters or e-learnings: Boredom? We don’t even know the meaning of that word.

Our Team

sets a very high value on team work and mutual respect. Flat hierarchies and direct contact to the management allow everybody to really move things… and we’re not talking only about your computer mouse here.

Our continuing education program

is comprehensive: we demand a lot, but we also encourage you a lot. BB&K offers a wide range of advanced and continuing education opportunities each team member has an allocated time and resource budget for continuing education purposes. If you want to climb the corporate ladder, we’ll be a complaisant companion to you.

Our structures and processes

are clear, transparent and well-thought-out. You wouldn’t expect that from an agency now, would you? But to us this is a critical factor of job satisfaction, which also will enable you to let all you creativity out either working at your desk in the agency, chatting with your colleagues in the meadow or while occasionally working from your home office.

Our fringe benefits

are comprehensive and custom-tailored to our team members’ needs. We all live on each other’s dedication and this dedication is what shapes the picture our customers out there, our partners and prospective employees have of the agency. All the more reason for us to reward and support our staff in everyday life.

Integrating new team members quickly

is an essential task to us. We hire people who go well with us as a company and whose competences have won us over. To allow this competence to bloom from the very first day and to help new team members getting easily over these usual orientation hurdles, we have developed a comprehensive program for newcomers. In addition to your personal mentor, standing by you with words and deed in the first couple of months, you’ll have the chance to hear numerous presentations to gain a quick and thorough insight into project-relevant and company-relevant topics.