Broom Bloom & Konservierte Trockenblumen

Unrath & Strano Int. Corporate Website

Situation: In 1999, Klaus Unrath and Ivan Strano founded Unrath & Strano and quickly became the most en vogue German designers. Since the start of their company, the designers have moved far beyond designing simply haute couture for eveningwear. Today, their repertoire also comprises pinstriped suits and the simple black dresses for daily business. Fashion conscious buyers seeking individuality and sophistication have always been the focus of Unrath & Strano. For this reason, it is important to build brand awareness among potential customers starting with simple brand awareness all the way to instilling a desire to own an Unrath & Strano creation. Eventually, the plan calls for the opening of exclusive selling points in select areas.

With this background and particularly with the brand’s international focus – the Internet becomes the central element of Unrath & Strano’s communication strategy. Due to its international character, it reaches diversified groups at every level of interest. When properly implemented, it is the appropriate medium to capture and highlight the emotions generated by the Unrath & Strano brand. This context will be the focus of the Unrath & Strano web site.