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Porsche Design’s new marketing strategy

Situation: Porsche Design Group activities concentrate on the business sectors Porsche Design, Porsche Design Driver’s Selection, as well as the Porsche Design Studio in Zell am See in Austria. Professor Ferdinand Stefan Porsche founded the Porsche Design brand in 1972. Today, Porsche Design in one of the leading luxury brands in the men’s accessory market. The products are characterized by functionality, timelessness, and classic design, winning their place in the market through technical innovation. The Porsche Design brand represents standard men’s accessories like watches, eye ware, knives, writing implements, luggage and leather goods. In time, product offerings will expand to include fashions, sporting goods, furniture, and electronic products. Available worldwide, Porsche Design offerings can be found only in Porsche Design stores, Shop-in-Shops, up-scale department stores, and exclusive specialist dealers. The relaunch of Porsche Design gave the company a new corporate image, a design that remains nevertheless clearly identifiable with the renowned name „Porsche.“ Readily recognized, the new concept for the Porsche Design Stores combines detailed product information with interdisciplinary communications. Worldwide product and brand marketing necessitates clearly structured strategies. In particular, the diversification and expansion of sales channels relies on the enhancement of communications between and among consumers and sales partners.

The foundation of the relaunch is firmly based on the image the brand has acquired during previous decades. The focus is on depicting Porsche Design as evolutionary – not revolutionary. In this respect, the goal is to stimulate awareness of the brand and products, to make them even better known throughout the world. An effective Internet presence is a vital component of this communication strategy.