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Porsche Corporate Website (2007)

The Solution:
Worldwide accessibility ofinformation made simpleA channel navigation makes information easily accessibleand at the same ensures that the product range and all content can be expanded quickly.For example: If the user chooses a specific navigation point on the start page,he or she enters a navigation channel. This meansthat the navigation range offered to the user from other channels, is merely contextrelated. No irrelevant information will be displayed. So, the demands on navigationusability, in the context of increasing complexity and depth of content, can besatisfied at any time. Great attention paid to the maintenance of individual channels- particularly to the channel „models“ but also for categories suchas „Porsche Motor Sport“, „Porsche Travel Club“, „Porsche Sports Driving School“, „PorscheClassic“ and so on. Especially areas like Porsche Motor Sport“ or „PorscheClassic“ manage to establish and maintain an emotional attachment of thecustomer to the brand Porsche through impressive depth of information andattractively arranged content. Various further applications, such as the „CarConfigurator“, a model comparison, an interactive purchase aide or adealer search provide the visitor with the desired information about thedifferent Porsche models vividly and easily accessible. Additionally, theyestablish a simple and direct contact to the POS. Through an ideal blend of sound information and emotionalbrand and user management, the core values of the Porsche brand have been madetangible and experienceable. Moreover, the Porsche Website is the starting pointfor the launch of Web Specials which stand out because of their high qualityand innovative, easy-to-use technology and which are regularly acclaimed. Thecustomers’ attachment to the Porsche brand and the sales figures of thevehicles are thereby increased. This can be documented by numbers: Thepercentage of visitors, who sign up for the web specials and are regarded asprospective clients, is weigh above average.