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Porsche Corporate Website (2005)

Solution:Developing the corporate site the standards of the U.S.A., as well as other non-European markets, must be included. The navigation concept (channel navigation) can handle any volume of content data meeting the requirements of maximum usability by simultaneously reducing the complexity of the navigation itself. The Selection of a navigation point on the site’s home page puts the user directly into the navigation channel that contains the desired information. This means, information out of other navigation channels is only offered via content-related links. Advantage: There is no irrelevant, distracting information to „turn off“ the user.

Particular attention is devoted to the new model channel. Here, special attention is focused on an interactive design that provides information that facilitates decision making in the buying process. In conjunction with the parallel development of the information architecture and the new online CD guidelines, a CM system is implemented to streamline the production and maintenance processes.