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o2 Online-Training

O2 is one of the newest and, at the same time, most innovative brands in the hotly contested German cell phone market. Companies that thrive in this competitive market deal with short product cycles, change-ready customers and constantly growing incursions from discounters. To succeed in this volatile business environment, a company must be more than an innovator. Right from the beginning the focus must be on one maxim: absolute customer-orientation.

Consulting and service: O2 point of sale employees, the front-line representatives of the brand, face new challenges every day. They meet potential customers who may be interested in a long-term commitment, but those same potential customers are also usually aware of the attractive offers of the O2 competition. Assessment of demand, substantial product knowledge and sales know-how provide the basis for sales personnel to recommend the optimum rate. Keeping personnel capable of delivering what stands behind the company’s „O2 can do“ slogan requires centralized cost-effective employee training.