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Microsite Continental AG

„Safe through the winter,“ the brand-oriented chapter of the microsite, gives viewers important tips about winter driving, with specifics about when and how to mount winter tyres. Additionally, the site addresses the ten most common misconceptions about winter tyres about, for example, their being „slower“ than regular tyres, about their being „unattractive“ and issues of that sort. By providing information of this kind for tyre users, Continental underlines the competence of the company, documents the quality of the brand, and promotes enthusiasm for its products.

Well informed about the new TS 800, and perhaps a primary incentive to buy, the viewer can use the website configuator to check on the availability of a size that fits his or her car. If a needed size does not exist in a TS 800 model, an appropriate Continental substitute is recommended. For closure, the site shows the viewer, in a print-ready format, where to find the dealer who stocks the recommended Continental tyre.