Broom Bloom & Konservierte Trockenblumen

Microsite Cayman S Porsche

Phase I (Teaser phase)
Through the medium of a film sequence, the viewer experiences an illusory ride in the new Cayman S. As the vehicle enters a tunnel, the experience turns into a dreamlike inner journey. The surrealistic nature of the trip symbolizes the experience one might have driving the new Cayman S. The drive finally ends in the viewer’s inner eye that now functions as interface. A click on any menu item actuates a speaker voice that describes a selected characteristic of the new vehicle.

Phase II (Revelation of product details)
After an emotional introduction and a seamless transition into the interface, the viewer again experiences the vehicle. By this time, the Cayman S is in a tunnel where the vehicle is viewed from various perspectives. Using the navigation features of the main menu, the viewer can switch from one urban scene to another. Here, posters along the way are the medium used to transmit the Cayman S message.