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Hennessy Newsletter

Registrations, subscribers, recommendations: Numbers that pay off
After sending out the initial invitation, Hennessy was able to record above-average registration numbers. The interest in the first newsletter was also above average. Convinced of the high quality of the content, the refined design and the exclusiveness, subscribers began more and more to recommend the newsletter to others. The topics in the newsletter enjoy across-the-board popularity within the target group and offer the user real added value, which they successively pass on to their customers, whereby it conveys knowledge on the topic of cognac, as well as practical tips that restaurant and bar owners can implement directly in their businesses. The positive effect will be reflected in more cognac recommendations and thus push towards the primary goal of the newsletter: more revenue for Hennessy.

A further positive side-effect: For sales representatives, the newsletter is an ideal door-opener and topic to pick up on in the customer conversation.