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eBay Online Training

Situation: eBay is the worldwide online market place. Solely on the German eBay platform, millions of registered users – beginners to professionals – use eBay to buy and sell every conceivable kind of product. The Internet site’s on-going auctions are especially popular with users. eBay itself sells nothing. To generate income, it charges for the use of its platform for the buying and selling of products. eBay profits are the direct result of the volume of buying and selling that takes place on the site. Obviously, the enterprise seeks ways to lower user reluctance to buy and sell online. Using effective animation and motivational techniques, eBay wishes to entice as many people as possible to become proficient users of its site – and, following that, to have those people use their newfound proficiency to buy and sell via eBay more often. Successful use of eBay requires a basic understanding of how the site works in the marketplace. When buyers and sellers become comfortable with the site’s modus operandi, the more enjoyment they will have and the more often they will use the site for their buying and selling. Therefore, eBay constantly strives to improve user competence and motivation and, in doing so, to enhance the buying and selling skills of its members. eBay University, alone, regularly offers participants a broad spectrum of seminars and a wealth of informative material. In the search for a training form that appeals to the greatest number of people, the idea arose to use an entertaining, but nevertheless highly informative, training program. Thus, eBay Online Training.

The training addresses the needs of every registered user – first-time buyer to professional seller. This demands appropriate materials, developed and integrated into a well-coordinated training program.