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Corporate Porsche Academy

Situation: Porsche, the smallest independent automobile manufacturer in the world, is unquestionably one of the most renowned brands in the world. The extremely high stand of quality found in Porsche automobiles, from the classic 911 sports car to the Cayenne SUV, reflects positively not only on the products but also, as well, on the efforts of the Porsche personnel engaged in sales and after-sales services. Porsche buyers expect the best of everything: starting with their initial sales contact to the 100,000 km service check of their automobile and beyond.

To meet the challenging expectations of Porsche customers, the company relies on highly motivated, intensely trained personnel capable of delivering what is needed. That is the full range of services related to the vehicles they represent. These people deliver to owners what is commonly called „the Porsche feeling.“ They must be capable of doing this everywhere in the world at the same high level!