Broom Bloom & Konservierte Trockenblumen


You have been invited to a personal interview? Obviously then your application has awakened our special interest. And now you would like to prepare for it optimally? Our assessment of this is good!

At the beginning of the interview we briefly introduce our enterprise to you. So at this time you can still lean back and relax for a moment. You then have the possibility of satisfying our curiosity: Then we expect you to present yourself and show some samples of your work in the way you feel most comfortable in. In particular we are interested in your career as well as your ideas concerning the new task areas. You should expect exact technical questions on your samples of work and previous activities. If it is necessary for your future job, we will also hold part of the interview in English. Nothing special just the“Daily business“. Please appear for the interview relaxed and eased and give us the chance to discover your talent.

We are already looking forward to meeting you.